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- 適用於比較慢熱的狗狗

- 如看見狗狗牽繩上有此牌子,建議大家給狗狗充足的空間和時間來認識你,才有進一步的接觸 (例如:摸摸/餵食)


Yellow Finger Pointing Signal

- Suitable for dogs need a little bit more pawsonal space

- If you ever meet the dog with this badge, please give the dog enough pawsonal space and time to get to know you. Only interact with the dog when the dog is comfortable.

狗狗社交提示牌 - 保持距離 | Social Badge - Keep Distance

庫存單位: MPFP004
顏色: yellow
  • 使用方法:將魔術貼貼於牽繩或胸背帶上
    尺寸:9.8cm x 8cm

    Usage: Place signage on leash or harness
    Size: 9.8cm x 8cm
    Material: Velcro
    Washing Instruction: To avoid color fading, please rinse badges with cold water. Hand wash.

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