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- 適用於比較喜歡獨行、觸感敏感的狗狗

- 如看見狗狗牽繩上有此牌子,建議大家給予更多空間予狗狗,不要強行接觸狗狗


Red Cross on Hand Signal

- Suitable for dogs need pawsonal space and do not prefer to interact with others

- If you ever meet the dog with this badge, please leave this dog alone and provide extra pawsonal space for this dog.

狗狗社交提示牌 - 勿摸 | Social Badge - No Petting

庫存單位: MDFP005
顏色 | Color : Red
  • 使用方法:將魔術貼貼於牽繩或胸背帶上
    尺寸:9.8cm x 8cm

    Usage: Place signage on leash or harness
    Size: 9.8cm x 8cm
    Material: Velcro
    Washing Instruction: To avoid color fading, please rinse badges with cold water. Hand wash.

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